Las Vegas Massage Myths Explained

ming hemlvMassage Parlors vs In-Room Massage

There are several reasons why choosing an in-room massage trumps going to a massage parlor. There are, however, times when a massage parlor fits the bill. Which would be right for you? You should give a call to a service that provides an adult massage in Vegas if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You prefer to be the one in control of the session and what it has to offer
  • You want a female massage artist who fulfills your perfect type
  • You want an intimate session rather than one being held in a public locale
  • You rented a preferred hotel room or suite in a desirable part of the city
  • You prefer alone time with the possibility of a Las Vegas happy without the hassle of dealing with other people in the mix

We recommend heading to a massage parlor if:

  • You have less than $200 to spend on a session
  • You do not have a preference when it comes to who is giving you a massage
  • You aren't concerned about the possibility of being involved in a law enforcement raid, which often happens at shady massage parlors
  • You are staying in a less desirable part of the city

If you are more interested in finding out what an in-room massage involves, read on to learn more about the benefits of scheduling service with sexy erotic massage girls we have available 24/7. 

Incall vs Outcall

Incall massages are provided at establishments that you need to travel to yourself. This is usually a spa or a private condo where a female massage artist tends to your needs.

Outcall refers to the process of having a female massage artist come to your hotel room, vacation rental, or home to give you a session in private.

Outcall massages allow you to enjoy the best of the best when it comes to gorgeous women who know exactly how to make their clients relax. Most of the best massage artists in the city are outcall only.

Should you decide to choose an incall service, be sure to remember that the cost of rent for the building where the massage is given is added to the cost clients need to pay. For this reason, opting for an outcall service can actually save you money.

    Advantages of Erotic Outcall Massages in Las Vegas

    Why are outcall massages in Las Vegas so desirable? They hold many, many advantages over other options. Here are reasons why clients go this route when searching for a massage while in the city.

    Intimacy Is Present

    When you go to a regular salon, spa, or massage parlor, you do not know who will be giving you a massage until you alert the service of your arrival. There is no picking a woman from a list of employees, you are just taken to a room and someone shows up to tend to your body. You may not even have a swedish massage artist. 

    In a hotel room, you can do much more than you can in a public establishment. Getting a topless massage is the norm! You are encouraged to get fully nude, and your massage artist does the same! You also have the advantage of being able to try some featured massages such as a Nuru massage or an erotic massage complete with tantric actions. There are several options to choose from.

    Since outcall massage artists are not being watched over by a boss when they are out and about, there is a potential for a lot of intimacy to occur. If you are in the middle of a sexual massage and your provider wants a bit more than you expected, by all means, indulge! Be a gentleman, and you'll be surprised at just how receptive your "date" will be.


    There's no need to worry about transportation at all when you hire an outcall massage. You'll be able to sit back, relax, stay dressed the way you wish, and simply wait for your massage artist to show up. There's nothing better than being able to stay in when possible. All the work is done by the service you contact, which means you get to save time and money by hanging out where you feel most comfortable.

    Massage Artist Selection

    When you hire a female massage artist from an outcall service, you are the one in control of just who shows up at your door. Perhaps you'd like an erotic Asian massage artist, or maybe you are more into a younger massage girl to do the work on your body. You have the power to request whatever features you desire and the outcall service makes sure to provide a sexy massage artist according to your specifications. Some services also have profiles on their website complete with photographs to look through, so you can select the exact woman who provides you with services.


    The massage type you desire is completely up to you. Some massages are not obtainable at public locations. With an outcall massage, however, the sky is the limit. Nuru massage? No problem. Erotic couple's massage to enjoy with your partner? Why not! Role-playing? We do it all! The bottom line is you are the one in control of the experience you have with your massage therapist.


    Set the tone for the massage ahead by creating the exact environment you wish. Do you like loud music and the thrill of a fast-paced massage? Or would you prefer to slow things down with some jazz and dim lighting? You are the one that creates the mood so your massage session suits you perfectly. You are in charge of the lighting, the music, and the rest of the aesthetics...not a spa or massage parlor.


    The cost of your massage depends upon the amount of time you spend with your provider. In a spa setting, you need to pay based on the time you are worked on as well as the services provided. The cost is often much more than a client expects it to be, mostly because of the base fee being inflated to help pay for the rental of the building where massages are provided. There is also a tip to worry about. When you opt for an outcall massage, the pricing is discussed with your provider beforehand and when an agreement is made, the session begins. There are no hidden fees. All the prices are provided at the beginning of your session.

    Bait And Switch Not Applicable

    Many massage providers promise a session with a particular woman and then when it comes time to begin the massage, someone else is there to give it. With an outcall massage, you have the opportunity to request a specific massage artist to do the work on your body. There are no bait-and-switch operations in play.

    Important Legal Information

    When a massage provider comes to your hotel room, vacation rental, or home to provide adult entertainment, it is 100% legal. What takes place between two consulting adults in a private setting is no one's business at all.

    Prostitution in Las Vegas is not legal. That being said, what happens in private stays private. As long as you are not paying for sex, you are not breaking the law. If something happens without a monetary exchange, well...good for you! You just never know what your massage artist will or will not long as money is not a factor, you are totally complying with the law. 

    When you contact a service for a massage, do not inquire about sexual encounters. Services are not allowed to set up scheduled meet-ups where sex is expected for a price. You can set up a massage, however. This must be paid for. What happens beyond that is your business.

    Types of Erotic In-Room Massages

    There are so many types of massages that you'll be sure to find one that suits you perfectly. If you are not quite sure of the experience you'd like, you can always as your female massage artist for some suggestions. Some more popular choices include:

    Nude Couples' Massage

    Get completely nude with your partner and allow for a massage artist to tend to each of you. You'll enjoy hearing your significant other's signs of enjoyment, and they will do the same for you. Even better, hire two outcall massage artists to tend to each of you and each other!

    Nuru Massage

    Your massage therapist will strip down nude, have you do the same, and climb on board to give you your massage. A special oil is used for this type of session. You'll love the slip-n-slide experience ahead!

    Tantric Massage

    Let your outcall massage therapist tease you by not touching you in all the spots you desire until the absolute last second. Her touch will drive you crazy when it finally happens!

    Getting An In-Room Massage

    Getting an in-room massage is easier than you may have believed. You first need to find a reputable supplier. There is no shortage in Las Vegas, so that is a plus. To find a reputable massage therapist, however, you need to be on your game and do a bit of sleuth work.

    Check out possible massage therapy sites and head right to the profile section to pick out a girl to come to you. When you are browsing the selection, note whether the photographs look outdated or altered. Do the women have several poses in different outfits? Are there pictures of the scenery around the Las Vegas area in the background of the profile shots? If so, the pictures are most likely legit, and you'll get the exact woman you are viewing to show up at your door. If you cannot find multiple photographs of a particular massage artist, and the backgrounds are generic, chances are the photographs are stock pictures and the massage therapist sent your way will not look anything like the one in the profile. 

    Contacting The Outcall Massage Therapist

    Once you have figured out which service to contact, you'll want to make a phone call to the business to set up a session with the massage therapist you picked out from the company's main site. Most massage therapist profiles have a preferred method of contact listed under the photograph section. It is best to follow these instructions to increase the likelihood of successful contact.

    The best and easiest way to reach out to a massage therapist is to pick up your phone and call. Use a real phone number when you call rather than obscuring the information. This way the provider is more likely to pick up the phone and make immediate contact with you. Many clients reach out and use a hotel phone number when calling a possible "date". This is fine, but you need to provide the woman with your room number and the first and last name you used to book your room. This information is necessary so your massage therapist can call you or reach your room without difficulty.


    Before any happy ending massages take place, there is the point of payment to deal with. When you scour sites to determine which service you are going to use, you will notice that they charge similar pricing for massages. Most services stick to a $150-$250 per hour rate, while others may dip slightly below or above. This price rate is the norm whether the massage therapist works for an agency or is an independent supplier.

    If you try to knock money off of this hourly rate, the therapist may tell you she is not interested in providing service to you at all. This is because she knows you are unable to pay for a tip, and since the money part is not likely to increase at all, she is limited in the services she can provide to you. Make sure you have enough to pay for the services you request. This is of the utmost importance. These women can tell when a client is not going to be able to provide them with the funds they request, and they will not even get started until payment is provided. When there is a possibility of being able to make a bit extra with some al la carte services, a massage artist is more apt to book an appointment immediately with that client.

    Preparing For Your Massage Girl To Arrive

    Whether you booked a session for a nude couple massage or an intimate sexual massage, you'll want all parties being serviced to prepare for the time ahead. This is easy and it means getting ready to dress to impress.

    Pick out an outfit that makes you feel comfortable. Set it aside and take a nice, steamy shower in anticipation of having a woman see you in all your glory. Wash your hair and shave. Get dressed and sit back, relax, and think about what services you want from your provider. She'll be sure to fulfill these wishes after you let her know your intentions. Knowing upfront what you want will save time and ensure your session is exactly what you want.

    Avoiding Scams

    The last thing you want when searching for a Las Vegas happy ending is to be scammed where you either pay money and get no service or you get service nowhere near what you expected. 

    One way to avoid scams is to stay away from directory sites. Approximately 80% of the women you see in these classified ads are not using true images of themselves. You'll see a lot of stolen pictures here. To check the photos you see, use Google Lens to see if there are many photographs of the person you are viewing. If there are, chances are you are looking at a celebrity and the woman that shows up to give you a massage will not match up with what you expect. Another problem with classified sites is that there is no accountability for women's professionalism. You cannot contact anyone to make a complaint if they take a deposit and don't follow through.

    Avoid paying upfront for services. Of course, you pay before your massage happens, but this is done in person and not over the phone via credit card or through a payment service. Meet the woman giving you a sensual massage first.

    Avoid taking advice from street promoters or drivers. They tend to prey on tourists and make suggestions regarding massage artists which lead to women who will demand large amounts of money for service. The promoter or driver then gets a cut of the pay.

    Avoid going to massage parlors that advertise hot girls on the side. This is a tourist trap. You'll pay for a ride to the establishment, which usually runs anywhere from $60 to $100. Then you'll find the girls available aren't attractive. Since you are already at the establishment, you'll probably give in and get a sub-par massage.

    Final Thoughts

    Whether you want a relaxing massage, a sensual experience, or a nude couple massage to spice up your relationship, booking an exotic massage provider is a wonderful way to make memories. You just need to go through the right channels to get the service you deserve. Forego looking through faux directory files just to spend time with an unattractive woman with poor massage skills. You also do not want to be scammed.

    Follow the above advice and have the time you deserve. Give your dream girl a call, get gussied up, pour a drink, turn on some music, and get ready for your fantasies to be fulfilled and then some.