Body Rubs With Oil

Body Rubs With Oil


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A Body Rub Is Always Better With Oil

Body rubs are always better with oil. ALWAYS. A body rub without oil is like popcorn without butter. What's the point? Sure, you could go through with it. But would you really want to? Now, we're not saying a woman rubbing you down minus the oil is going to be a bad thing. Sometimes that rough skin on skin friction can be great. But in general, if it comes to no oil or with oil, always, always, go with oil. So when you give us a call and you're looking for the best Las Vegas body rubs, make sure to ask for one with oil. 

So Much More Relaxing

A body rub with oil is a bit different from a soapy massage or a NURU massage. A soapy massage uses more of a bubble-bath soap kind of mixture, so it's wetter, and a NURU massage is a super slick water-based lubricant that is heavily applied. An oil rub is a bit more moderate with the lubrication. If you've ever had a professional massage they probably used oil to help warm up your skin and work your muscles. Think of it like this. It takes a great body rub and just sprinkles in a bit of oil magic. 

What Goes Around Comes Around

Of course, it doesn't need to be just you receiving a massage. Plenty of our clients love to give their escorts a massage in return. In that case you'll want to perform your own body rub with oil on the escort. After all, it's better to give and receive. And while getting the massage is fantastic, you may end up finding you're even more satisfied giving the massage to your escort. Not that your obligated to by any means. Just know that if you'd like to it is an option. 

Whatever you end up deciding to do it is your time so it is up to you. Just make sure to ask for a body rub with oil. This way, your escort knows to bring the body oil when she heads out to your hotel room or wherever else you might be staying. You may also want to consider asking your hotel cleaning staff for some extra towels or sheets. This way, in case your bed gets a bit of the body rub oil on it you can have some dry sheets post massage.

Get Your Body Rub Today: Oil Included

There's just something about that warm, slick feeling of an oiled up body. The way your hands slip and slide over a person's body with that added oil. It's like a Slip N' Slide as a kid. Sliding down that slick rubber pad through the sprinkler system was great. But did you ever try to do it when it was still dry? Terrible. You'd end up skidding over a rock in the yard, shredding the Slip N' Slide and your knee in the process. Don't let your escort massage turn into a dry Slip N' Slide. Oil it up. Keep it slick. You both will enjoy it so much more. So if you're ready to book your escort massage, have more questions about the body rubs with oil, or you want to know if a favorite girl is available, give us a ring. We'll be glad to help you out (because our customer service staff is as slick and smooth as the oil used on your body).