Korean Massage

Korean Massage


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Experience The Bliss of a Korean Massage

Asia sure has perfected the art of the massage. Just about every country and region has their own style, much like you have your own taste in women. And if you have a thing for Korean women, well we've got the perfect Oriental massage for you. Korean massage very much is the blending of several styles all wrapped into one. It's a bit of Thai. It's a dash of Japanese. It's a hint of Chinese. It's basically the pho of Asian massages, and you can have some of the most beautiful Las Vegas Asian escorts giving you this massage in the comfort of your hotel room. 

So What Exactly Is A Korean Massage

Korean massage brings in a number of techniques. Much of the massage is pressure point based, similar to Thai massage. Your escort will expertly use her thumbs and elbows to work over sore pressure points. As she's doing so she'll glide into offering a variation of shiatsu massage, which is a form of Japanese massage where the tips of the fingers are used to work the muscles and to help break up stress and improve blood flow. 

Don't worry, with our escorts you won't have any problems with your blood flow. In fact, if you't not careful, that blood flow might be rushing to certain areas of the body really quickly. But that's alright. Our beautiful Asian escorts know how to handle that (with more than just their finger tips). 

Near the completion of the massage (and you) some stretching is often used. This helps stretch out your lower back. If you've put any kind of time at the slot tables or gaming rooms you know just how tender your lower back will feel. This can also happen if you're walking about the strip and your shoes are not properly fit to your feet. This leads to a sharp pain in your back. With a Korean massage all of that pain will be whisked away.

Detox That Body Of Yours

As a Korean massage works your body in a number of different ways it doesn't just loosen up your muscles but it will enhance the blood flow throughout your entire body. This is perfect if you're looking to detox from a long night of drinking (he, it's Vegas. We've all been there). While you need to drink plenty of water you also need to help push the alcohol build up from within your cells and flush them out faster. This, combined with your continued hydration and a solid meal and you'll feel as right as rain when it's all over.

Make The Call Today

With a Korean massage you can schedule one ahead of time, or you can give us a call and have one of our Las Vegas Asian escorts come out to you pronto. After all, you can't always schedule when you might need some tender love and care. You don't always know when you'll have one too many of those sugar cocktails at the casino, or when you'll be on a hot streak at the card table and the dirty martinis keep coming. Whatever the situation might be and whenever you might need your Oriental massage, we are just a phone call away. So give us a ring or send us an email and we'll take care of the rest.