Chinese Massage

Chinese Massage


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Improve Your Physical Relaxation With A Chinese Massage

Oh, the classic Chinese massage parlors. The small shacks on the wrong side of town, behind a set of train tracks and windows either completely covered up or there's no windows at all. Unlike Chinese restaurants that use play on food words like "Wok N' Roll", a Chinese massage parlor sticks straight to the point. There's no play on words. The sign simply says "Chinese Massage." That's it. Why? Because you already have an idea of what you might get when entering the strange brick building. But is that really what a Chinese massage is? And how does a massage style thousands of the years in the making feel when given by an exotic escort? We'll we've got the answers for you. No play on words required (although we can't promise we won't use any). 

What Happens With A Chinese Massage

A traditional Chinese massage is a bit different from a Korean or Thai massage. These are geared more specifically towards certain techniques. With a Chinese massage it's a bit more open ended. There are a few varying techniques and styles, so what one person does will be a bit different from the next. In general there's some kneading of your skin (kind of like how your pussy cat back home might work your skin), some stretching, and some other working of the muscles in order to help improve your body's blood flow. 

You'll receive something similar when one of our Asian escorts in Las Vegas give you a Chinese massage. And we promise you won't have any kind of issues with blood flow. 

The Perfect Exotic Escort

If you want to go real traditional might we suggest one of our Asian escorts giving you the massage? By all means, if you'd like a ginger giving you the massage we are more than willing to help make it happen. After all, it's your call. But there's just something about an Asian giving a Chinese massage that makes it feel right. Plus, we have some of the best looking Asian escorts in the city. Depending on where you live you may have very few beautiful Asians to begin with, so this exotic escort will instantly stand out and give you something that can't get back home

In Your Own Hotel Room

With our massage services you are able to enjoy one of our delicious Chinese massages in the comfort of your own hotel room. You don't even need to book ahead. You can use our outcall service and give us a ring, day or night, and we'll deliver you the best Chinese takeout you've ever had (we promised no bad play on words, but we didn't promise any bad puns)

Book Your Chinese Massage Today

We can't guarantee what might fully happen when you enter the room of a brick building behind a train track. It might be a nice massage given by a beautiful woman. Or you might find yourself chained to a pipe with flickering flourescent lights in a Saw-esque situation. Do you really want to take the chance? Instead, take advantage of our Asian escorts in Las Vegas. If you'd like an Asian giving you a massage or you'd like a more traditional Chinese massage given by any one of our beautiful escorts, we'll help you out. So give us a call and let us help make it happen today.