Full Body Massage

Full Body Massage


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Total Relaxation With A Full Body Massage

Isn't it the worst when you go in for a massage, and they only work a small area of your body? It's just one big tease! You go in, thinking you'll have every muscle worked, because after all, they call it a "full body massage," but then the massage therapist ends up spending 95% of the time on your shoulders, 3% on your neck, and the other 2% on the rest of your body. That's just no good at all. Plus all the while you're looking through that hole cutout in the table, looking at a strange spot on the floor when all of a sudden your nose starts to run, and now you've got an entirely different problem on your hands. Well, that's never going to be an issue when you book yourself a full body massage with a Vegas escort through us. Here, when we say full body we mean full body. No body part will be left behind!

Not Just Full Body, FBSM

When you book a Vegas escort for a full body massage you're not just arranging to have your entire body worked. You're arranging for something we in the business like to call an FBSM. What exactly is an FBSM? It's shot for full body sensual massage. 

Now doesn't that one additional work just make the entire experience sound that much better? It's not just a full body massage. It's a sensual full body massage. That means every inch of your body will be taken care of. There won't be any focusing on one specific area of your body (unless, of course, that's what you want). One of the best ways to enjoy such a massage is to let your Vegas escort do her thing. She knows the best way to maximize your enjoyment and to really get the blood flowing to all the right places. 

Pick Your Girl And Your Place

So, what do you say? Do you think a full sensual body massage sounds pretty good? We know it is, but you don't need to take our word for it. The best way to discover just how incredible a full body massage from one of our Vegas escorts is to schedule one of the services for yourself. Best of all, you can pick any of the girls you might like and you can have her come right to your hotel room. That's right. Not only do you get the best full body massage ever but you'll also avoid the drive out to the spa.

Book Your Full Body Massage Today!

Are you ready to have your entire body worked? From your smallest toes to your ears and everything else in between? If so and if that sounds like something you're interested in now is the perfect time to book your full body massage. Our escorts thrive in providing you with the very best in personal pleasure. So, while you're entire body is being worked you can always point out certain areas that you'd like her hands to work over a bit more. It is your massage, after all. It doesn't matter if you're in town right now and you want a massage or you're scheduling ahead, now is the perfect time to give us a call and set up the perfect full body massage with a Vegas escort today.