Thai Massage

Thai Massage


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A Thai Massage Is The Ticket To Your Vegas Relaxation

When it comes to anything Thai it has this almost mystical power over it. There is Chinese or Asian, and then Thai just seems to sprinkle a bit of magic fairy dust over top to elevate it to the next level. Just talk to your "foodie" friends. You bring up Chinese food, and they'll tell you that's not real Chinese food. It's New York City Chinese food. But bring up Thai, and they will go on an endless rant about the complex marriage of ginger and lemongrass over a bed of rice noodles. All of this before explaining their upcoming crossfit workout and how it could do wonders for your core. While those people are shake-your-head-at-night annoying, there is some truth to just how good Thai is. And the same is true with a delectable Thai massage, given by one of our exotic escort beauties. 

What Is A Thai Massage?

If you guest a Thai massage comes from Thailand congrats. That travel Captain Obvious guy has a medal to pin on you right now (but he'll send one of our beautiful escorts to do it for him). But do you know what a Thai massage entails? This particular massage is all about pressure points. Where other massages focus in on rubbing muscles and stretching the fibers in order to improve blood flow throughout the body, a pressure point massage is similar to that of acupuncture. The person providing you with this service focuses on specific meridians around the body. These meridians are connected to other areas of your body. So, while the massage can help with blood flow (you'll probably be feeling blood flow to certain areas of your body throughout the massage with our escorts), it also helps with improving your mental clarity, assist your body with its detoxification following a night of drinking, improving your lung function, and assist in a number of other benefits. 

All of that and a beautiful woman touching your body. What's there to lose?

Your Massage, Your Escort

Traditionally we recommend one of our beautiful Thai or Asian Las Vegas escorts for the massage, but after all, it is your service. You can request any of our girls who specialize in a Thai massage. So from an Ebony goddess to a red headed bombshell, we have girls who will check off all the boxes you have.

Arrange Your Thai Massage Today

A Thai massage is a truly magical experience. Especially when you have it performed by one of our beautiful Asian Las Vegas escorts. If you've been itching to have a Thai massage, might we suggest go big or go home? Sure, you can get that Thai massage just about anywhere else, but when you can have a breathtakingly beautiful woman give you one in the comfort of your Las Vegas hotel room, you need to take advantage. To do so all you need to do is give us a call. We'll help you pick out the right exotic escort for your massage needs, all while setting up the best time to come out to your hotel room. You can even order one for the same day you book it. Whenever you're in town or you'd like an exotic escort giving you a Thai massage simply give us a call. We're here to give you the best experience possible.