Hire The Best Las Vegas Escorts To Provide Enjoyable Massage Session

gemma hemlvYou're in or about to be in Vegas and you know you're going to want to have as much fun as possible while in Sin City. One exciting activity many men indulge in while in Vegas is the hiring of one of the best Vegas escorts to show them around the city and provide some adult entertainment afterward. Escorts actually provide some of the most unique and thrilling massages a guy can get. Read on to find out more about happy ending massage in Las Vegas and why hiring and escort is the best way to get one.

You Get To Choose The Massage Girl

When you head out to a spa or massage parlor for a massage, it is usually a cut-and-dry experience. You get a girl, or maybe even a guy, to rub you down and provide you with relaxation. There is nothing sexual about it unless you head to a business known to give "extras" behind the curtain. These are shady, risky to visit because of raids, and non-personal.

When you hire an escort, you will not only have a massage waiting for you at the end of the session, but you get to spend time with a gorgeous woman out and about in the city beforehand. You'll get to see all the sites with a stunning woman that you actually picked out yourself.

First, you need to visit an escort service's website. There, you will see listings including photographs of all the available Las Vegas escorts that the business has working for them. Read over all the materials they provide and select a girl that suits your desires. It is that easy! You don't get that kind of service when you go to a massage parlor, that is for sure. You're pretty much there for just a massage and nothing more. Here you get it all...the girl, the entertainment, AND the massage. Why not have your cake and eat it too?

There's no shortage when it comes to the features you want your escort to have. Perhaps you are looking for a short, blonde. Maybe you prefer a heavier and older woman. If you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for on an escort site, reach out to the provided email and let the service know your desires. There are other women available that just don't make the top-tier photograph section. These are usually rotated every once in a while on sites, so you just may have hit your searching time when your dream girl wasn't in the viewable area. 

The best part is you can have one of our girls to your room in no time. You can even have the massage beforehand, or you can ditch going out altogether and spend time with your massage artist one-on-one for the entirety of your rented time slot. Just think about the prospect of having a nude massage therapist in the seclusion of your room, and she is the exact woman you had selected to show up. That hits all the right buttons and then some.

Advantages To Having An Escort Massage Provider

The best Vegas escorts provide so many advantages to their clients that it is hard to go any other route if you are in search of a massage. Here are some of the reasons why guys like yourself hire these beauties.

Discretion Is Key

Escorts know that there is a need for discretion with each and every client they meet. You don't want to divulge all your secrets to others, and your escort knows how to keep them for you. Whether you decide to enjoy some nightlife or you spend your time alone with your escort in your hotel room, no one is the wiser.

Massages Are Enjoyable

Massages you get from spas or massage parlors are relaxing, but they do not include any adult entertainment feature at all. With an outcall massage artist, you have the benefit of trying all types of massage styles. Tantalizing tantric massage, sexual massage, Nuru massage, and more are just waiting to be explored by you and your date.

You Don't Need To Travel

There's no need to hire a cab or Uber to get to a location to meet up with your Vegas escort unless you want to. She will get transportation and come directly to your hotel room. This is a great option for those who do not have a vehicle in the city, for those who are looking to save a little money, so they can splurge on more massage time, or for those who simply want to stay in rather than go out.

You Are The One In Control

Getting a massage in a business setting means you have rules you need to adhere to. When you have an escort give you a massage instead, you are the one in charge. Let your escort know what you are interested in trying, and she will be more than willing to comply. There's no worry about putting your hands in the wrong spot or saying something that someone else feels is inappropriate. Just remember to be a gentleman, and you'll find out you'll get a lot more response from your escort. 

Couples Are Certainly Welcome

If you are looking for someone to provide a massage not just for yourself but also for your partner, then hiring an escort that gives in room couples massage sessions is an option to keep in mind. Escorts love providing entertainment for everyone, ladies included! Try an erotic couple's massage with your significant other and you'll be sure to be hiring escorts each and every time you go on vacation.

Pitfalls To Avoid When Hiring An Escort Massage Girl In Las Vegas

It is wise to be diligent about how you go about hiring an escort massage girl in Las Vegas so you do not spend money and not get the happy handing massages in Las Vegas you are hoping for. There are many scams in the city, so it is imperative to know about how they work so you do not fall victim to them.

Avoid Referrals From Locals

Unfortunately, you cannot rely upon word of mouth from people in the city to lead you to the best Vegas escorts around unless you know the people personally. Many drivers, bouncers, and other workers do side jobs for independent escorts. This means they give referrals to unsuspecting men visiting the city, and the escort gives the person a cut of her pay for sending clients her way. You may find someone decent, but in most cases, you will not. It is best to stick with reputable services that have been around for a while, so you know you are getting entertainment for the price you agree upon.

Stay Away From Card Slappers

You'll undoubtedly be confronted by guys on the street who slap business cards on the back of their hands to try to draw your attention to them. These cards have pictures of hot girls on them along with phone numbers for clients to call to set up sessions with escorts in the city. The bad part of this whole operation is that the cards have pictures on them that have been being used for years and years. The girls on the cards will not show up at your hotel. Trust us. These operations are risky to try. You just don't know who is behind them and what their intentions really are. It is unnerving to have men handing out these cards, also. They have to get a cut of the pay, which means the price tag is probably higher than you expect. You never know if there is some sort of robbery that can take place or if the girl that is sent to you is not at all what you are hoping to get, but you'll feel too embarrassed to turn her down so you are stuck entertaining her. Our advice is to just decline the cards or take them and use them as mementos to remind you of  your trip to Vegas.

Do Not Pay Upfront

Under no circumstance should you make a payment in person or via an online service to an escort business before you meet the girl who will be providing you with entertainment and that well-deserved massage. Many smaller businesses will request that you leave a down payment before the woman even shows up at your door. This means you may end up with a woman you did not request, or worse, no woman shows up at all. Contact an escort service in Vegas, set up the meeting, and await the woman to arrive. When you are happy with what you see, you will be requested to make your payment. This is the best way to ensure you are both happy with the arrangement and that you will not lose money in the process.

Do Your Homework Beforehand

When you see a woman on a site that you want to meet, you'll likely view some of her photographs and read information about her. Check out the photographs in detail by using Google Image Search to find out if the girl you are seeing is found in other sites. Many of these photographs are of celebrities or reused stock images that are used on several sites over and over again. Check the backgrounds in the photographs for possible green screening. Are the pictures taken in Vegas? Are they generic? Does the escort have different clothing selections to show off or are the photos all of her in one outfit? You want diversity. If you see a woman doing different activities, in different outfits, and in different parts of the city, there is a better chance she is a legit worker.

Forego The Nightclub Scene

Trying to pick up an escort at a nightclub, strip club, or casino is likely to get you to run into trouble rather than having an engaging time with a sexy woman. You first need to find the woman...it isn't so easy to find exactly what you want out there. Then you need to make an arrangement to get together. You aren't sure if she is someone working for herself or if she gives a portion of her profit to a handler. The whole scene is sketchy, and it is a good way to run out of money fast. Stay away and hit up a professional service instead.

Additional Tips To Hiring The Best In Room Massage Escort

 Hiring an in room massage escort is not a difficult process, you just need to be smart about how you go about it. Once you locate a reputable service (like ours) you'll be on the right track to finding someone you want to converse with and spend time with. Here are a few tips to help you have a successful session.

Ask For Amenities Upfront

When you contact a service, it is best to let the person on the other end of the phone know exactly what type of entertainment you are looking for. The service worker will then be able to match you up with an escort who prefers the same type of entertainment, which means you'll both have a fun time together. For example, if you want to try a Tantra massage and you have never had one in the past, let the service know and they will match you with an escort adept in this particular massage. She'll go slow and show you the ropes.

Be Ready For The Date

There is nothing worse than having an escort show up at your door, and you have run out of time to get ready for her arrival. Make sure you set up the time in advance, so you can get yourself ready beforehand. This means allowing enough time for a shower, shaving, and selecting an outfit that you can feel confident in. Make sure you provide your escort with directions to your hotel and give her the room number as well as your first and last name, so she can find out without trouble.

Be Ready For Anything

Most people have heard about happy ending massages in Las Vegas, but they aren't quite sure what they entail. A happy ending massage can mean different things to different people. It usually involves nudity with both parties, and you'll be completely satiated when it comes to an end. This does not mean you will be awarded sex by any means. Remember that prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. You are paying for massage services. If the massage leads to more, and there is no monetary exchange, you are good to go. Keep this in mind. Being nice to your escort can go a long, long way. A female massage happy ending is sure to come your way.

Let Your Inhibitions Fly Away

When you spend time with the best Vegas escorts, you'll find yourself wanting to go for the gusto and try anything new with your sexy partner. We encourage this behavior! Let your inhibitions go. This is Las Vegas and you know the slogan about the city. You only live once, so why not try all there is to try while you have the opportunity?

Treat Your Escort Kindly

We cannot stress enough how important it is to be nice to your escort. There are men who believe they can be mean to people they do not know, and that will not lead to a healthy get-together by any means. If you treat your escort with kindness, she will reciprocate the actions you provide. This is the best way to be able to let loose, enjoy yourself, and enjoy the time you are spending with the girl sent to you. You want to have fun, and so does she. Do not allow yourself to belittle your escort, or you will find that she will not want to spend quality time with you. Instead, pour on the sugar and your lady will want to please you in so many ways.

Be Yourself And Have Fun

Do not be embarrassed to ask your escort to give you happy-ending massages in Las Vegas or to help you try out something you have never experienced in the past. She is there to make sure you have a good time, and she knows if you have fun, you'll let others know, so she can provide other clients with the same benefits. Be yourself. That is the best way for your escort to read your body signals, so she can continue what she is doing or turn to another action to help you feel even better. And most of all, try to have fun. Going to Vegas and hiring escorts is all about the fun factor. We are here for you to make your trip one of the most memorable you have ever had. Let us help you relax with a sexy woman who knows how to give a darn good massage!